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        Dimitri Papamoschou        Editorial Board Member

        Dr. Papamoschou is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, USA. He obtained his Ph.D degree in Aeronautics at Caltech, in 1987, under the supervision of Professor Anatol Roshko. Dr. Papamoschou’s Ph.D. thesis on supersonic shear layers illuminated for the first time the effect of compressibility on turbulent growth rate under a variety of freestream conditions. Upon joining University of California, Irvine, (UCI) as a faculty member in 1988, he focused his research on the evolution of turbulent eddies in compressible shear layers, using advanced laser diagnostics, and developed correlations for the convective velocity that are widely used by researchers in the field. In theoretical studies, he studied the propagation of acoustic waves inside a compressible shear layer and showed that axial communication is hindered as the convective Mach number is increased; this provided is a physical explanation for the stabilizing effect of compressibility on turbulent mixing. In the mid-1990s he got involved in the field of jet noise and built aeroacoustic facilities with dual-stream capability and phased array diagnostics. He developed and patented the fan flow deflection noise reduction method for turbofan engines, as well as techniques for mixing enhancement using a secondary axial flow. More recently Dr. Papamoschou has developed special implementations of microphone phased arrays for locating and modeling the various types of noise sources present in turbulent high-speed jets. The resulting models are being used in predictions of jet noise shielding from aircraft surfaces using boundary element methods. Dr. Papamoschou has served as chair of his department as well as an associate dean and interim dean of the School of Engineering at UCI. He is currently an associate editor of the AIAA Journal. Dr. Papamoschou is a Fellow of the AIAA.