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Simultaneous effects of MHD and Joule heating on the fundamental flows of a Casso...

K. Ramesh, Arshad Riaz, Zahoor Ahmad Dar

2021;Vol.10(2):118-129[Full Text]

Heat transfer characteristics in a rotating AR=4:1 channel with different channel...

Yang Li, Jingwei Chen, Wei Li, Hongwu Deng, Shulin Xue

2021;Vol.10(2):130-142[Full Text]

Velocity and thermal slip effects on MHD convective radiative two-phase flows in ...

B. Mallikarjuna, S.H.C.V. Subba Bhatta, S. Ramprasad

2021;Vol.10(2):169-179[Full Text]

Analysis of flow of visco-elastic nanofluid with third order slips flow condition...

Wubshet Ibrahim, Alemu Dessale, Dachasa Gamachu

2021;Vol.10(2):180-193[Full Text]

Numerical solution of micropolar fluid flow via stretchable surface with chemical...

Khilap Singh, Alok Kumar Pandey, Manoj Kumar

2021;Vol.10(2):194-207[Full Text]

Experimental and model investigations of SPS casing treatment on a two-stage comp...

Xu Dong, Letian Zhang, Dakun Sun, Xiaofeng Sun

2021;Vol.10(1):1-14[Full Text]

Numerical modelling of the hybrid rocket engine performance

Marian Gieras, Aleksander Gorgeri

2021;Vol.10(1):15-22[Full Text]

The cooling performance of three-row compound angle holes on the suction surface ...

Zhiyu Zhou, Haiwang Li, Gang Xie, Shuangzhi Xia, Jianjun Zhou

2021;Vol.10(1):23-36[Full Text]

Analysis of flow-field in a dual mode ramjet combustor with boundary layer bleed ...

Nishanth Thillai, Amit Thakur, Srikrishnateja K., Dharani J.

2021;Vol.10(1):37-47[Full Text]

Computational modeling and analysis for the effect of magnetic field on rotating ...

Salman Ahmad, T. Hayat, A. Alsaedi, Habib Ullah, Faisal Shah

2021;Vol.10(1):48-57[Full Text]

A study on the compatibility of the generalized Kudryashov method to determine wa...

Hemonta Kumar Barman, Md. Ekramul Islam, M. Ali Akbar

2021;Vol.10(1):95-105[Full Text]
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