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Artificial neural network analysis of the Nusselt number and friction factor of h...

Kaihang Tao, Jianqin Zhu, Zeyuan Cheng, Dike Li

2022;Vol.11(3):325-336[Full Text]

Nacelle intake flow separation reduction at cruise condition using active flow co...

Vinayak Ramachandran Nambiar, Vassilios Pachidis

2022;Vol.11(3):337-352[Full Text]

A comprehensive study on the heat transfer characteristics of windward bend latti...

Xiaohui Bai, Cunliang Liu, Changxian Zhang, Xianlong Meng, Jinbo Li, Xianlong Zhang

2022;Vol.11(3):376-390[Full Text]

Advanced exergy analysis of the turbojet engine main components considering mexog...

Hakan Caliskan, Selcuk Ekici, Yasin Sohret

2022;Vol.11(3):391-400[Full Text]

Entropy generation for mixed convection flow in vertical annulus with two regions...

T. Rahim, J. Hasnain, N. Abid, Z. Abbas

2022;Vol.11(3):401-415[Full Text]

Effect of hole arrangement patterns on the leakage and rotordynamic characteristi...

Wanfu Zhang, Chengjing Gu, Xingchen Yang, Kexin Wu, Chun Li

2022;Vol.11(2):181-195[Full Text]

Impact of different nano additives on performance, combustion, emissions and exer...

M.S. Gad, Mostafa M. Abdel Aziz, Hatem Kayed

2022;Vol.11(2):209-223[Full Text]

Experimental investigation on combustion and emission characteristics of reactivi...

Müjdat Fırat, Şehmus Altun, Mutlu Okcu, Yasin Varol

2022;Vol.11(2):224-239[Full Text]

An improved theoretical formulation for Sauter mean diameter of pressure-swirl at...

Julio R. Ronceros Rivas, Amilcar Porto Pimenta, Jusceline Sumara Lessa, Gustavo A. Ronceros Rivas

2022;Vol.11(2):240-252[Full Text]
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