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An energy-based low-cycle fatigue life evaluation method considering anisotropy o...

Tianxiao Sui, Duoqi Shi, Yongsheng Fan, Zhenlei Li, Xiaoguang Yang

2022;Vol.11(2):253-264[Full Text]

Heterogeneous and homogeneous reactive flow of magnetite-water nanofluid over a m...

C.S. Sravanthi , F. Mabood, S.G. Nabi, S.A. Shehzad

2022;Vol.11(2):265-275[Full Text]

Recent research progress on airbreathing aero-engine control algorithm

Chengkun Lv, Juntao Chang, Wen Bao, Daren Yu

2022;Vol.11(1):1-57[Full Text]

Effect of high-pressure detonation products on fuel injection and propagation cha...

Gaoyang Ge, Li Deng, Hu Ma, Zhenjuan Xia, Xiao Liu, Changsheng Zhou

2022;Vol.11(1):58-73[Full Text]

Investigation on C2H4-Air combustion mode in a non-premixed rotating detonation c...

Shengbing Zhou, Hu Ma, Yuan Ma, Changsheng Zhou, Ning Hu

2022;Vol.11(1):85-96[Full Text]

Magneto-Soret-Dufour thermo-radiative double-diffusive convection heat and mass t...

Dulal Pal, Bhuban Chandra Das, Kuppalapalle Vajravelu

2022;Vol.11(1):154-170[Full Text]

Effect of inlet-valve structures on thrust of air-breathing pulse detonation engi...

Wenjuan Chen, Wei Fan, Feiteng Luo, Gaohu Tang, Yaosong Long

2021;Vol.10(4):332-346[Full Text]

Dynamic interaction between clustered liquid propellant rocket engines under thei...

Sergey I. Dolgopolov, Olexiy D. Nikolayev, Nataliia V. Khoriak

2021;Vol.10(4):347-359[Full Text]
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